Bring on the all-new BMW X4.

Need more driving pleasure, more sophistication, more intensity and more expression? Be the first to experience BMW’s eye-catching athlete.

Published: June 2018
Video/Photos: Supplied

When the BMW X4 launched in 2014, it basically invented its own category. Fusing the hallmarks of a BMW X model with the sporting elegance of a coupé, the BMW X4 became the first ever sports activity coupé at the premium end of the mid-size class.


Its silhouette was unmistakable, immediately setting adrenaline pumping in the hearts of the competitive, individualistic adventurer in all of us. The way that distinctive coupé-inspired rear window dipped down above its muscular haunches, poised above large wheels reminiscent of a BMW X, made for an eye-catching, dynamic presence on the road. The BMW X4 was a spectacle that spelled a new kind of adventure – sporty, out-there, extravagant but sophisticated. In being the first of its kind, the BMW X4 seemed to embody the desire to be the first to experience new adventure, take on new challenges and stretch the boundaries of possibility and experience.


A new generation

The success of this pioneering new form of driving pleasure is now legendary. But with such a massively successful debut, the question lingers 4 years on: what now? Luckily for us all, the all-new BMW X4 knows exactly what it wants to be – and what it’s drivers want from it: more! More driving pleasure, more sophistication, more intensity and more expression. Bring it on!

Take a closer look at the sporty and expressive design of the all-new BMW X4.

Bring it on

Standard features for the all-new BMW X4 include M Sport suspension, an advanced Cruise Control system with braking function.

The sculptured 3D full-LED rear tail lights come standard with the all-new BMW X4.

BMW Connected provides seamless connectivity between your car and digital lifestyle, encompassing everything from smart watches to smartphones, and even voice-controlled personal assistants.

The interior exudes an unmistakable air of premium, high-class elegance.

Everything’s more premium than before: top-class materials, precise build quality and a host of meticulously crafted details.


From the outside, the eye-catching intensity of the all-new BMW X4 is underlined in bold, the design accentuating the car’s instincts. More than ever, the elegant coupé-style roofline slides into the rear window with a subtle flourish before dipping more steeply to the rear, intensifying the X4’s instantly recognisable silhouette. The drawn-in glasshouse at the rear emphasises the car’s clearly defined haunches – a masterclass in muscular dynamics and commanding presence.


If those looks ignite our sophisticated spirit, the experience of the BMW X4 itself more than delivers on the sense of expectation it creates. The interior exudes an air of high-class elegance. Everything’s more premium than before: top-class materials, precise build quality and a host of meticulously crafted details. It embraces you as you take the wheel, placing you front and centre. The driver-focused layout of the cockpit helps to create a supremely assured driving experience and a superb view of what’s happening on the road ahead.


Next-level features

But it’s not just about style and comfort. The all-new BMW X4’s navigation, communication and infotainment functions are next-level, meaning that whether you’re negotiating rush-hour traffic or taking to the open road over the weekend, your experience is enhanced.


To start, voice- and gesture-control features make sure you’re never fiddling around with dials and buttons. And the optional BMW Head-Up Display, with a projection area that has been expanded by 70%, means that keeping your eye on the road becomes an experience in augmented reality. It reflects important driving-related information onto the windscreen in full colour, so that all the detail you need appears directly in your field of vision.


Speaking of which, the all-new BMW X4 is equipped as standard with scarcely believable advances in Cruise Control, so that those city commutes become a stress-free cinch. And if you start adding optional extras, it gets even better. Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function is capable of braking the vehicle to a halt then sending it back on its way again so you can get on with your life when you’re in a jam. With the Driving Assist Plus options, you could also have features like Collision and Pedestrian Warning with City Collision Mitigation, reducing the risk of a bumper-bashing. The optional Lane Change Warning and Lane Departure Warning systems completely remove the stress from driving in traffic. And the new Parking Assistant Plus gets you into those tricky parking spaces like you’ve been alley docking since you were a toddler. Steering and Lane Control Assistant and Lane Keeping Assistant, with active side collision protection, are also life-saving Driving Assist Plus options.


Effortless driving

But of course, the all-new BMW X4 isn’t about not driving; quite the opposite. That’s something it was made to do better than ever. BMW’s latest-generation four cylinder, 2.0-litre engines (or six-cylinder in-line engines under the bonnets of the two BMW M Performance models available: BMW X4 M40i and BMW X4 M40d), combined with BMW’s eight-speed Steptronic transmission and BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive deliver effortless progress over smooth roads and rough terrain alike, giving you the ultimate experience when you leave the city streets behind and head for the open road. This is a car that not only eases the working week, but lives for the weekend adventure.


This model is up to 50kg lighter than its predecessor (depending, of course, on the extras you choose to throw in) and the body structure more solid than ever, which means it’s both more agile and safer than before. The car has a significantly lower centre of gravity than the similarly new BMW X3, which enhances cornering dynamics. Added to all this, a reduction in aerodynamic drag of around 10% also contributes to its superior dynamism and efficiency.


While the all-new BMW X4 offers all these luxuries and creature comforts, it still has an adventurer’s heart. It’ll obediently get you home from work and through the traffic, but what it really yearns for is to take on the challenge, deliver the thrills and get you there first.

The all-new BMW X4 isn’t about not driving; quite the opposite. That’s something it was made to do better than ever.

In typical BMW fashion, the cockpit is designed around the driver, with a modern, premium feel.